COVID-19 Support Resources

Petrillo Fund Financial Assistance

In response to the fast-moving events associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, we wish to remind local officers and AFM members of the availability of limited emergency financial aid through the AFM’s Lester Petrillo Fund. The Fund was established to assist members-in-good standing who become ill or disabled and are unable to accept work. The following circumstances would qualify for assistance:

  1. A member is diagnosed with Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  2. A member tests positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is quarantined.

Members and Local Officers may download Petrillo Fund applications here. Completed applications together with supportive medical documentation should be submitted by members to their local unions, which will then submit them to the Federation.

Actors’ Fund of Canada

Over the years many of our members have turned to the Actors’ Fund of Canada, which has been in existence since 1958. Now over 60 years after those visionary actors put $5 into a pot, the Fund they created disburses over $500,000 annually to cover necessities for members of all the many and various trades and professions that make up the entertainment industry, including musicians.

Common requests include:

  • Rent or mortgage
  • Grocery costs
  • Medical costs
  • Emergency dental costs
  • Utility bills
  • Dues (maximum of one year’s worth of dues; no initiation fees)
  • Childcare expenses

Unison Benevolent Fund

This Fund is an assistance program created and administered for the music community, by the music community. Unison is designed to provide discreet relief to music industry personnel in times of personal hardship and crisis.

Government Support

Federal – available April 6

Public Health

Other Info

Save Live Arts Initiative

For information on this initiative as well as the petition visit

#CanadaPerforms Initiative

#CanadaPerforms is a $200,000 short-term relief fund that pays Canadian artists for their online performances.

AFM Canadian Office

Vice-President from Canada Letter to Governments

Vice-President from Canada Letter to Governments – French