Canadian Federation of Musicians/GoodLife Fitness

Dear Members,

Thanks for your participation and input in the Goodlife Fitness survey!  The results show significant interest levels, so Goodlife approves the program to offer a corporate discount.  This program is eligible only to currently active CFM members, plus their corresponding family/spouses.

The enrolment is available online and requires you to enter your AFM Number for members. The AFM Member Number can be found in your AFM Portal and is a different member number than the one assigned by your Local.  If you do not know your AFM Member Number or need to update your membership to active status, please contact Cathy Lee in Membership Services, Head Office:; 1-800-463-6333 x.231.

Please read below in the FAQ about the Goodlife Program. For additional questions about it, please contact: or 1-800-287-4631.

Here’s to your health!

Canadian Federation of Musicians

Has invested in your health & wellness


Register for your GoodLife Fitness Corporate Membership today at:

Select Canadian Federation of Musicians in the dropdown menu, then enter your AFM membership number (which is found in your AFM online portal or from your Local office).

  • Significant savings off regular GoodLife Fitness membership rates
  • Access to over 250 GoodLife Fitness Clubs across Canada and 30 Energie Cardio Clubs in Quebec
  • Corporate rate extended to 4 additional family members
  • State-of-the-art cardio equipment
  • All free weights and weight machines
  • World-renowned Group Fitness classes
  • Professionally trained staff to assist you in achieving your goals
  • Towel Service (where available, except Energie Cardio)
  • Child minding (where available at an additional fee)
  • Seeking a health or fitness assessment? Ask the club about a LifeChanger
  • 24 hour locations (select clubs only)
  • Access to the GoodLife Fitness Rewards Program – savings and special offers from over 100 popular brands

Visit us online for a complete list of club locations and amenities.


How do I access the online Corporate Membership Program registration tool? Please use the following link for registration and select your company from the drop down menu. “Canadian Federation of Musicians”

What is my unique identifier? The unique identifier you need to access the online registration tool is your AFM membership number (which is found in your AFM online portal).

What is the Corporate Membership rate? The annual Corporate Membership rate for your company is $449.00 plus applicable taxes, per member, per year; or the bi-weekly payment will be $24.00 plus tax.

How do I register for or renew a Corporate Membership? Visit and enter your unique login information. The enrolment process will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Have your payment information and your existing GoodLife Membership number or key tag barcode (if applicable) readily available. If you also wish to enroll up to four family members, have their information available before you begin the registration process. GoodLife will send you a copy of your membership agreement electronically after you’ve completed the online registration process.

Are my family Members eligible for this offer? A benefit of the Corporate Membership Program is the ability to add up to four eligible family members to your Corporate Membership. Eligible family members include your spouse, extended family at or over the age of majority, child(ren) or any minor under your guardianship, as long as they are 12 years-of-age or older. You must register yourself into the GoodLife Fitness Corporate Program before you can register your family members. All payments for family member Corporate Memberships – including any added amenities (such as lockers, Hot Yoga, etc.) – will be withdrawn from your bank account.

Are existing GoodLife Fitness non-corporate members eligible for this offer? Yes. If you are transferring into this Corporate Membership Program, GoodLife will waive the $99 membership buyout fee. You will need to register for the new Corporate Membership offer online and complete the appropriate section with your existing membership details (your existing membership number or key tag barcode number so that we can automatically update your membership with your new corporate rate). Within 10 business days, your payment details will be sent to you in separate emails for your membership and any family memberships you register. Please continue to use your existing membership key tags.

Will my current bank payments immediately stop when I enroll for this Corporate Membership Program? No, your payment information will be updated to the new corporate rate automatically and will be withdrawn on your current payment schedule through the bank account information you provided previously. This will take ten business days to process. If you see more than one payment withdrawn at the old (non-Corporate) rate, please contact or 1-800-287-4631.

If I sign up online today, when will I have access to the Club? I am a brand New GoodLife Member… If you are a new GoodLife Fitness Member, your new membership key tag will be available at any GoodLife Fitness Club two to three business days after registration. Simply visit your Club of choice and mention you are there to pick up your new Key Tag. You will be required to show photo ID when you pick up your key tag. You are welcome to use the Club immediately after your register (before your new key tag is ready). You will be required to sign a guest pass to do so. Please bring a copy of your membership agreement with you, as well as your photo ID.

I am an existing GoodLife Member (club or corporate)… If you are an existing GoodLife Fitness Member and already have a GoodLife key tag, you can continue to use the Club as normal. You can continue to use you current key tag and do not require to sign anything at the front desk.

What are my payment options for this Corporate Membership Program? I am a New GoodLife Member… Payment is through a pre-authorized bi-weekly deduction from your personal bank account, or you may select to pay up-front-in-full by credit card.

I am an existing GoodLife Member… You may continue to pay through a pre-authorized deduction from your personal bank account and we will match your current payment schedule with the updated rate or you may choose to pay in full via credit card.

Is there a minimum age to join GoodLife Fitness? The minimum age to join GoodLife is 12-years-old. We require a parent or legal guardian to sign for anyone under the age of majority in each province. In addition, all members under the age of 18 are required to complete a series of Orientations called a Youth Passport in order to help familiarize themselves and get comfortable in the Club. This is available at no additional cost. To get started with the Youth Passport, please request an appointment at any GoodLife Club.

Can I go to any GoodLife location with my Corporate Membership? Your Corporate Membership gives you access to all 280+ GoodLife Fitness Clubs across the country, including the 50+ Énergie Cardio Clubs in Quebec.

Is Towel Service included in my Corporate Membership? Yes. Towel Service is included in your membership, however not every GoodLife location offers Towel Service. Please ask a friendly Associate at your Club if they offer Towel Service.

Is Squash included? We do have locations that offer Squash. Please visit for more information on these locations.

Is Personal Training available? And is it included with my Corporate Membership? GoodLife Fitness offers Personal Training at an additional cost to your Membership. Please speak with an Associate at the Club(s) for details.