AFM Officers’ Training

In response to Resolution No. 1 from the 2016 AFM Convention, which called for a training and education program to assist Local Officers, the AFM has created a three-part officer education program:

(1) Nuts-and-bolts of operating a Local, which will be presented via several webinars during the year;

(2) leadership training, which will be presented at a central location twice a year; and

(3) skill-building and topic-specific presentations, to be presented in the two days prior to each of the five main regional conferences.

The skill-building and topic-specific sessions prior each conference take advantage of the fact that Local representatives will already be traveling to the conference. The AFM will be presenting the first set of the skill-building and topic-specific sessions just prior to the Canadian Conference at the Conference hotel in Hamilton, Ontario, on August 9 and 10, 2017.

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