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The AFM Canadian Office, under the direction of the Vice President from Canada, offers full services for Canadian musicians including:

  • Negotiations of Canadian electronic media agreements (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, TV Ontario, TV and Radio Commercial Announcements Agreement for Canada, etc). Participation in negotiations for US electronic media agreements that also affect Canadian musicians
  • Development of expanded regional referral agencies and on-line efforts for solo musicians and groups ranging from flute and harp duos to garage bands
  • Service to symphonic musicians through the Canadian Symphonic Services Division
  • Handling visas for Canadian musicians through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It also administers the Cultural Exchange Visa program for American AFM members working in Canada
  • Lobbying efforts through affiliation with the Canadian Conference of the Arts and the Canadian Labour Congress. Activities include joint initiatives regarding Copyright Reform, Status of the Artist, the Information Highway and training/education in association with the Cultural Human Resources Council.
  • Assisting Locals with regard to officer training and support, tradeshows and conferences, recruitment activities and networking
  • Administering a menu of services and benefits which are applicable only in Canada

The 2018 AFM Canadian Conference will be held in Kingston, Ontario from June 8 – 10. This annual convention brings together delegates from every geographical region in the country to discuss and act upon issues that ultimately affects the lives of all professional Canadian musicians.

If you are visiting the site and happen to be an elected delegate to the 2018 AFM Canadian Conference, please remember to check back often as the site will be updated on a very regular basis. Let’s hear from you! What’s on the mind of your members?

If you are a member of a Canadian Local of the AFM, we urge you to bring your concerns and constructive ideas to the direct attention of your elected delegates. Members of the Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians (OCSM) should also consult with their elected delegates to the convention. All members are encouraged to take advantage of the many services offered by the AFM Canadian Office. If, after browsing our site you feel you would like to attend any or all of the official sessions of the Conference as a guest, please contact your Local office for eligibility requirements.

We would like to extend a very special invitation to our American friends and peers to join us this summer as official guests of the conference. In particular, we would love to see any/all members of the International Executive Board, Local officers, and Executive members of other AFM conferences. As always, we would welcome your input and participation.

The Canadian Conference is proud to partner with:

Musicians' Rights Organization Canada
HUB International