P2 Visa Processing Update

The AFM Canada office is closed indefinitely. Emails are checked regularly, but if you don’t see an answer to your question, please follow up.

If you are inquiring about a P2 visa, see below for some general information.

  1. The CFM won’t be able to process new P2 applications until the office can reopen. The building, however, will remain open and able to accept delivery from UPS, Canada Post, FedEx and other carriers. Be advised that it’s currently uncertain when U.S. venues will reopen and begin hosting music events again, so any application you file represents a risk, as USCIS does not provide refunds or date-transfers (see #3 below).
  2. If the Canadian office received your visa application prior to March 23, it has likely been processed, and a petition is with USCIS. As of March 24, USCIS was still approving petitions within the normal 45-day timeframe. Email Jill Leger if you would like a status update, and she will do her best to provide you with the latest information. jleger@afm.org
  3. If your work in the US has been cancelled, kindly be advised that USCIS unfortunately does not offer refunds, nor does it let applicants apply an existing visa to a later time period. If your work has been rescheduled beyond the original visa-validity period, you’ll need to apply for a new visa with all the usual fees. In some cases, AFM Canada may be able to waive the AFM fee and when the time comes, can discuss if you qualify.
  4. Until the border re-opens to non-essential traffic, Canadian musicians will not be able to enter and work in the U.S., even if they have a valid visa. Wait until the border reopens before travelling, and please take all recommended precautions.
  5. AFM is lobbying governments on behalf of musicians suffering financial hits due to the global pandemic. If your gigs have been cancelled, please let your Local know. Your voice and experiences can help build a stronger case. info@calgarymusicians.org