P2 Visa Fee Increase – April 1, 2024

USCIS has implemented the fee increases that were proposed last year.  Effective April 1st the P2 fee will increase to $510. The last date that our office will be able to accept applications under the current fee of $460 will be COB Friday, March 22.

The new fee structure is based on the size of the engager and/or the petitioners status.  As the AFM is a not for profit, 501(c)(3) organization, our members will fall under the rate of $510.  For all other P Classifications, the fee for a small entity of 25 or less employees will be $810, and $1615 when engaged by an entity employing more than 25 people.  The O Classifications will increase to $530, $830 and $1,655 respectively.  The AFM only petitions for the P2, but our members do apply under the other Classifications as well.

Further to this, petitions are now capped at 25 persons, so multiple petitions with the corresponding fees, will be required for large ensembles.

For more info visit https://cfmusicians.afm.org/services/work-permits